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Our Business Sale Specialists Help With Your Business Purchase

  • Find you a right business or business with property – we have a network of many listings that are not on the open market.
  • Free evaluation for buyers on businesses and properties with our in-depth and professional market knowledge to protect you from overpaying.
  • Identify potentials, future values and hidden values of a business and/or property to maximize your profit.
  • Negotiate a deal that is most beneficial to you, and assist buyers with assignment of lease or new lease.
  • Assist you with due diligence, regulatory approvals, commercial financing, environmental assessment, appraisal, and property inspection, etc.
  • Our commercial specialists assist with financial analysis and investment return of business and commercial properties.
  • Our team are members of both Calgary and Edmonton Real Estate boards, and thus we can access listings from both boards.


Business Financing

For Business Loan, please contact commercial bankers, not residential mortgage agents. Business financial statements and business/commercial property appraisal reports are required for bank financing.

    • LeasingBanks do not typically finance NEW businesses. If you plan to lease a commercial space and start a new business, please be prepared with cash for the following: leasehold improvements to meet building code requirements for your specific business type, obtain quotes from contractors, purchase equipment, pay the first month's rent along with a security deposit, and have enough funds to cover 12 months of business expenses before your business becomes profitable. Banks may consider providing a business loan after one year if your business demonstrates profitability. For many types of businesses such as restaurants, daycares, and auto shops, leasing space to start a new business can be more costly and time-consuming than acquiring an existing business due to the expenses and time involved in renovations and purchasing new equipment. The process typically takes 6 to 12 months, including permit applications, renovations, and equipment installation.
    • Business Only: To purchase a business, at least 75% or more of the purchase price needs to be in cash. For those who qualify for a business loan, over 50% of the purchase price is typically required as a down payment, and banks generally do not finance inventory. Additionally, you should have funds available for at least 3 months of rent, including the first month's rent and a security deposit, as well as a reserve of at least 6 months for covering business expenses. Don't forget to account for lawyer fees. Possible sources of funds may include cash on hand, a line of credit, home refinancing, assistance from family members, business partners, and, if the business qualifies, a business loan. Keep in mind that the maximum financing for a business loan is typically 50% or less. It's important to note that a business loan is different from a commercial mortgage, and it usually requires a higher down payment due to the higher associated risks. Our team specializes in assisting business buyers looking to invest a minimum of $180,000, excluding our own listings. For businesses priced below $180,000, we recommend contacting other agents. Since purchasing a particular type of business involves many factors such as available funds, knowledge, experience, skills, required permits and licenses, business hours and holidays, management, marketing, etc., our team does not recommend specific types of businesses to buyers. Buyers need to determine which type of business suits them best. Buying a business is not solely about potential earnings; it's about whether you can successfully operate that type of business and make it work for yourself.
    • Business With Property: 35% to 45% down payment is required for a commercial mortgage. Banks do not finance inventory. Sellers may offer financing with 25% to 35% down payment.


To purchase a business, please submit Buyer form.

To request info of our business and business with property listings, please download and sign the Confidential Agreement and the Buyer Brokerage Agreement. Please send to our agents who are in charge of those listings. Alternatively, you may request a DocuSign version from our team members for quick signing on your phone.